Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging ink supplies

What is HP Planet Partners?
HP Planet Partners is HP's return and recycling program for computer equipment and printing supplies. It's available in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide. For more information, see the HP Planet Partners program page.
What happens to cartridges returned though HP Planet Partners?
HP ink and LaserJet cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners go through a multi-phase "closed loop" recycling process. The recycled plastic from empty cartridges is used to create new Original HP cartridges.
Who actually collects and recycles the cartridges?
HP partners with shipping companies to collect and return printing supplies. Once the supplies have been returned, HP works with advanced recycling organizations to recover and recycle materials from empty or used HP printing supplies. Because of their construction, Original HP cartridges cannot be effectively recycled using conventional, commercial processes.

Can I drop my Original HP ink and LaserJet cartridges off somewhere for recycling instead of shipping them?
Yes, you can drop off empty HP ink and LaserJet cartridges at an HP Authorized Retail Collection Location.
How do I recycle my Original HP ink cartridges?
You can either drop your ink cartridges off at an HP Authorized Retail Collection Location or ship them directly to HP. For free shipping materials, including labels, bulk boxes and pallet pickups for large quantities, see the Return Original HP ink cartridges page.
How do I recycle my HP LaserJet supplies?
You can either drop your HP LaserJet cartridges off at an HP Authorized Retail Collection Location or ship them directly to HP. All HP LaserJet cartridges come with a postage-paid shipping label, and for large quantities you can order bulk boxes and pallet pickups on the Return Original HP LaserJet cartridges page.
Are return labels packaged with Original HP ink and LaserJet cartridges?
Postage-paid shipping labels are packaged with each HP LaserJet print cartridge. However, they are not included with HP ink cartridges. To order free, postage-paid shipping materials, go to the Return Original HP ink cartridges page or the Return Original HP LaserJet cartridges page.
I lost the return label that came with my LaserJet cartridge. How do I return my LaserJet cartridge?
You can print out additional labels on the Return Original HP LaserJet cartridges page.

Are there any cartridges or supplies HP won't accept for recycling?
HP accepts nearly every Original HP cartridge for recycling. View our complete list of non-returnable supplies before returning your supplies.
Does HP recycle other printing supplies besides its own?
Currently, HP Planet Partners accepts only Original HP cartridges for recycling. To return other brands, please check with the cartridge manufacturer for recycling information.
Can I recycle hardware and other electronics through HP?
Yes, HP has a convenient and safe recycling service for computers, printers and other IT equipment. For more information visit the hardware recycling page.
Can I recycle my large-format plastic end caps through HP Planet Partners?
Yes, you can include plastic end caps from HP large-format printing materials when you return ink cartridges. You can also return them separately by following the same shipping instructions for recycling ink cartridges.
Can I retrieve an item that I mistakenly sent to HP to be recycled?
Sometimes, printing supplies which are not at end of life or other objects with value are inadvertently sent to the HP Planet Partners program. These materials are not tracked and cannot be returned.
How do I return full, unopened cartridges?
The best approach is to return your cartridges to wherever you initially purchased them to see if you could receive a refund. At this time we do not offer a return program for unused cartridges, however we are happy to recycle them using the standard process.

What materials go into making HP ink and LaserJet cartridges?
You can download material safety data sheets for a detailed look at the materials used in various printing supplies.
Does HP use recycled materials in Original HP cartridges and supplies packaging?
Yes, HP uses recycled materials extensively in packaging, including recycled content paperboard, corrugated cardboard and recycled plastic. HP has also produced over one billion new Original HP ink cartridges containing post-consumer recycled material from plastic bottles and ink cartridges.1,2 The HP LaserJet "closed loop" recycling process also uses recycled plastic to create new HP LaserJet cartridges. All HP cartridges and packaging are designed with the environment in mind.

1 Many Original HP ink cartridges with recycled content include at least 50 percent recycled plastic by weight. Exact percentage of recycled plastic varies by model and over time, based on the availability of material.
2 As of September 2010.
How do I know whether I'm returning an ink cartridge or a LaserJet cartridge?
Each Original HP cartridge should indicate on the packaging whether it is an ink cartridge or LaserJet toner cartridge. Also, ink cartridges are smaller and squarer, whereas LaserJet cartridges are much longer in length.
Do HP cartridges qualify for California's State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC)?
Yes, all Original HP LaserJet cartridges and most original HP ink cartridges (see a list of non-returnable supplies) are now classified as recycled products for the California State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) reporting. See list of SABRC qualified product numbers (PDF). See SABRC product certification letter (PDF).

This is in accordance with the state statute, SB 1106, that went into effect on January 1, 2006. Since HP offers a free and convenient end-of-life return and recycling program to customers, these products now qualify as recycled products and can be included in state agencies' monthly totals of SABRC recycled product purchases. California state entities can take advantage of competitive pricing on a broad range of products, including all HP printer supplies, through the California Strategic Sourcing Initiative (CSSI) office supplies contract provided by the Department of General Services. HP printer supplies are also available from other office and computer products dealers across the state.